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Code editor

You can use any text/code editor to work on the examples and exercises.
All examples during classes will be shown using Sublime Text code editor.
You can download it from ST Homepage and install on your computer.
It is recommended to install the Sublime Text package manager: Package Control to be able to use additional extensions (packages).
To install Package Control follow the steps listed below:
1. Install Sublime Text or copy it to designated directory if Windows portable version is used.
2. Run Sublime Text
3. Run console by selecting: View > Show Console menu inside Sublime Text application.
4. Copy the code displayed on the grey background under "SUBLIME TEXT 3" on this site.
5. Paste copied code into Sublime Text console and press Enter.
6. Install some packages using: Preferences > Package Control
7. In Package Control choose Package Control: Install Package
8. Search and install packages:
HTML5 (bundle for Sublime Text)
CSS3 (The most complete CSS support for Sublime Text 3).
HTMLBeautify (A plugin for Sublime Text that formats (indents) HTML source code. It makes code easier for humans to read.)


You can also download ready portable package for Windows HERE

Create new html document:
1. Run Sublime Text
2. Create new document: File > New File (or Ctrl + N)
3. Choose syntax: View > Syntax > HTML
4. Save file with UTF-8 encoding (as yourfilename.html): File > Save with Encoding > UTF-8
5. You're ready to edit your HTML document!