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Task 1 - choosing and describing your fictious e-Commerce organization.
1. Think about the fictious business that you want to run (on-line trade). Imagine and describe your business as much as it is possible. Think about:
a. name of the organization,
b. what type of business it runs,
c. the way that company works,
d. where it is located,
e. how it earns money (income source),
f. other usefull informations.
2. Describe processes that are running in your organization including:
a. constant activities that generates income for your company (fe. producing sth and selling it online, providing on-line services, etc.)
b. constant activities that are needed to maintain your organization (fe. marketing activities, maintain warehouse inventory, etc.)
c. temporary activities executed occasionally to provide additional quality for you company (fe. exhibitions participation, inspections, hiring people, etc.)
3. Organization environment:
a. Describe surrounding, like: competitors, supplementary goods suppliers, your operating range, etc.
b. type of your clients – if it’s possible to define,
c. cooperants and their roles in your business – who you depend on in in what way,
d. other characteristic elements that (if) appears in your company environment.
4. Risks that may be identified for your company
a. small - that may impact on your organization (in positive or negative way)
b. significant - that may cause bankruptcy of your organization.
5. Organization structure. a. People and their roles, description and graphic diagram.
b. If needed departments and its areas of responsibility.
Task to do
Think about all the things listed above and create your company description using text editor. Try to search for information to make your description as much accurate (real) as possible. You may run your organization on your local market or internationally.