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e-Business - final project scope

As a final project students should describe own (fictious) e-Commerce organization (shop) and prepare working e-Commerce shop using WordPress WooCommerce plugin. Each project should contain:
  1. Description of the organization (points 1-5 from Exercise number 1). This part should be prepared as a 2-3 pages of text document (Ms Word or PDF).
  2. Business process models of the organization. At least 3 processes (or 1 big process with subprocesses) should be described using Adonis BMPN. Models may be exported as graphics or html package.
  3. Working e-Commerce system, as a fully configured and personalized WordPress/WooCommerce tool. Shop should contain at least 3 product categories and at least 30 products. Also some fictious orders should be applied.
  4. Project should be sent by email or submitted in person during the classes.
  5. Project submission deadline: 23-01-2020.


Marking sheet: